If you haven't attended Ladybirds, but would like to - we would love to meet you!  Our group is for children 0 -5.  This means, we are happy to have small infants and even newborns join us - after all, this group is for the parents as well!  

There are no registration fees or paperwork to do.  You simply pay 8 euro for each child whenever you attend playgroup.   It is that simple.  

We are not a language school - we are simply a playgroup where we do our best to create an environment where English is spoken.  If English isn't your first language, we are happy to have you!  But we do ask that we all do our best to communicate in English during the group.  

We have two locations.  One in the center of Rome and one in North of Rome.  

Our Rome Center group takes place downstairs at ALL SAINTS' CHURCH  - Via Babuino 153.  It is located directly between the Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna metro stations.  It is well connected with buses and underground and there are pay parking lots in the area.  

The Rome Center meetings are held:  
Mondays 16 - 18
Wednesdays and Fridays 10 - 12.

Our North Rome is located in La Storta at Kirillizzaa, the Russian school, Via Cassia/C.  Parking is available.

North Rome meetings are held: 
Tuesdays 10 - 12 
Fridays 9 - 11

Playgroups normally consist of four activities during the two hour session:

Snack time for kids and coffee for adults.
Circle Time - songs in English
Arts and Crafts - children participate in a prepared craft

We are a group of volunteers who work hard to keep this community going.  It is for this reason we ask parents to HELP whenever they can.  We always need a hand setting up before and cleaning up after.  Help put toys back where they belong or even load the dishwasher if you see your child is playing well alone!  It is important we all contribute to keep this fantastic group going.  We are lucky to have it and participation from everyone is the key to keeping it! 

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Please email ladybirdsplaygroup@gmail.com with any additional questions