Stunning murals for your home or at work

Hello, my name is Ingrid and I have been painting murals for 15 years.
I love bringing colour, creativity and fun to private and public spaces and working with people to realise their creative dreams.

Adding a mural to your living room is a great way enhance the beauty of your room.  Murals bring entrance halls and corridors to life and you can brighten up dark areas with bright sunny images.

Adding a mural to a child's room is a great way to showcase their interests and express the child’s personality
Having a mural in an office or restaurant is a powerful way to make a statement.   A hand-painted mural can be a logo, a slogan or an image.

And not just walls.  I also know how to paint art on every surface imaginable including furniture, ceilings, wood and concrete floors, metal, glass, kitchen cabinets and swimming pools in both interior and exterior spaces.

Let me design the perfect artwork to enhance your life.


Email me and lets meet up

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