Friday, October 29, 2010

Usborne is coming to Ladybirds Wed 3rd Nov!

We all know how complicated it is going shopping with children, and finding good English childrens books in Rome is a hard task in itself.
On Wednesday, 3rd November, I am bringing a sample of Usborne books and catalogues to the playgroup, and if my kids' reaction to them were anything to go by,  there will be a lot of excited kids next Wednesday!
It's a great opportunity to order a shelf load of new books for Christmas presents, or just because the old ones are getting a little tired.
If you've never heard of Usborne before, check out their website
Their books were classics even when we were little and there are illustrated encyclopedias and dictionaries etc. that help make learning vocabulary a pleasure.   They are educational and fun!  Even for non English speakers.
See you Wednesday!

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