Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Appeal Gifts for Refugees

Over the last years, Ladybirds has helped in a small way with a collection for a Christmas appeal.  We would encourage you all to help again this year.
"Gifts for Refugees" in Rome encourages us all to think about what it means to be poor and alone at asks each family to make up a bag of gifts for a male refugee who is attending the Joel Nafuma Refugee Centre Roma, which is in the crypt of Saint Paul's within the Walls on via Nationale.  
The Joel Nafuma Refugee Center is the only day center in the city catering to the needs of refugees and forced migrants. Approximately 150 people per day come to the center, whose daily services include hospitality, entertainment and educational programs as well as necessary help with bureaucratic procedures and finding places to eat and sleep. The Center is staffed by volunteers who come to offer help with teaching languages and computing, art and music.
The Refugee Centre holds a lunch for these men on Wednesday,
15th December where they will distribute the gift bags.
You can contribute just one or two items if you don't want to do a whole bag.  The list of items required are:
• Toothbrush      • Socks          • Chewing gum
• Razor               • Gloves        • Chocolate bar
•  Lipsalve         • Hat              • Playing cards
• Comb              • Scarf           • Notebook and pen
• Paper handkerchiefs             • Underpants                      
 It would be great if you can add some items to your shopping list this week and bring them into ladybirds at All Saint's Church by Saturday, December 11th, or alternatively, take your gift bag directly to St Paul's within the walls.  Please remember these are small practical inexpensive items for YOUNG MEN. 

"The very poor have nothing to rely on but the kindness on strangers."

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