Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Tsunami & Earthquake

We have all been horrified by the images coming out of Japan and we'd like to do our bit to help.  So tomorrow Wednesday 16th March  Its, mother of Ayumi is bringing some simple rice balls which the people at the are evacuation camps are being supplied and would like to do a bit of fund raising to help.
I have heard from friends in Japan how people are paying for food and water in supermarkets even if there are no shopkeepers around to take payment. That, for me, shows the level of dignity, respect and selflessness of the Japanese people. As soon as the waters receded, people (police, rescue teams and even the general public) were immediately mucking in there, searching for survivors, with almost no regards for their personal safety. It warms my heart to know there are such people on this planet. Having been to Japan myself, I know full well that they will recover as quickly, if not quicker, than anybody else would in such a situation. They are polite, hard-working, industrious citizens, humble enough to appreciate what they have in life, and always willing to help their fellow man.  It's our turn now to help them.
We hope to see you at Ladybirds tomorrow.

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  1. Dear mums,

    Thank you very much for participating in the fund raising event yesterday to help people in Japan. Despite the limited number of people due to weather condition we've succeeded in raising adequate amount of money. We deeply appreciate it: ARIGATO GOZAIMASU. We'd like to continue this event this coming Friday too. It would be great if you could come around and help us. We are planning to deliver this donation from Ladybirds to an event called "Coraggio Giappone" organised by Commune di Roma and Italy Japan Foundation, which is taking place on Sunday at Ara Pacis from 7pm.

    Hope to see you all on Friday at our lovely Ladybirds!

    Pray for Japan!!
    Its(Ayumi's mum) & Reina(Eugene's mum).