Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Saturday Playgroup!

It is time for our Autumn Lollipop Hunt in Villa Borghese! This is a great time to participate in a playgroup if you are unable to join us during the week.  

Pincio at Villa Borghese 
(behind the obelisk - parking is available on Saturday)  

This is an excellent opportunity for those who cannot join us during the week to participate in one of our playgroups.  After we do our usual circle time, our LOLLIPOP FAIRY will hide over 300 felt lollipops and each child will be given a bag to collect them.

Please bring a small snack or a bottle of juice/water to share.  

The cost of the Lollipop Hunt is the same as our normal playgroups - 5 euro for each child. We want to reserve the actual Lollipop Hunt for those children under 4 years old, however children over 4 can help hide the lollipops for the younger children.  

In case of rain, check here for further instructions.

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