Thursday, May 8, 2014

Friday's Playgroup

Let's go to the Park!
Spring time in Rome? Yes, please. Sunny skies and 25 (77) degree weather? Yes, please!
Tomorrow morning we will hold playgroup at Villa Borghese! We will meet at the playground located off the Via Veneto entrance next to the Cinema dei Piccoli.
Bring a blanket and a snack to share. 
Playgroup starts at 10:00 where we will be playing and chatting on the playground. Circle time starts at 11:00.
There is lots of nearby parking and it is well connected with public transport. (If you are coming by Metro and would like my advice - get off at Barbarini and enjoy a lovely stroll up Via Veneto - it leads you straight into the park where we are. Or, simply wait a few minutes at the bus stop on Via Veneto - there are several buses that will take you right up the street and drop you off in front of the entrance - exactly where we will be.)
See you there!

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