Monday, October 4, 2021

 Welcome back Ladybirds!  We are really looking forward to starting our new year of playgroups.  We are looking for a suitable space where we can meet regularly within the covid restrictions.  

To start things off -  Sunday 10 October we will hold a Lollipop Hunt in the same location as before - at Villa Borghese off the Via Veneto entrance - near the Cinema dei Piccoli.  Just look for our colorful trees !

Please bring a blanket and get ready to hunt for Lollipops!  We will start at 11:00 and have live music by the Supermetrobros .  The Lollipop Hunt is reserved for children between 0-4 years old but we love it when older siblings come to help us hide them!

It is not necessary to speak English to join our Lollipop Hunt - or for the playgroups during the year.  Although we love it when you try - we like to keep our environment as English speaking as possible!

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