Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Favorite Event! Don't miss it!

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Join us as we start off our new year of playgroups!  Sunday, Sept. 21st at 10:30 we will be holding our Lollipop Hunt for 2014.  We will begin circle time at 11:00 where we sing our songs in English and play with our parachute.  We will start the actual Lollipop Hunt at 11:30.  Older siblings are quite welcome although we reserve the hunting of Lollipops for those under 4.  Children over 4 will help hide the lollipops for the younger kids.

Please bring a blanket and a snack to share.  We need people to bring juice and water too.

We are meeting at a NEW LOCATION this year.  In the past, our Lollipop Hunts took place at Pincio - however this year we are moving within Villa Borghese to the playground near Il Cinema dei Piccoli off the Via Veneto entrance.  There are plenty of parking lots and is quite accessible through public transportation.  

Like every playgroup - the cost is 5 euro for each child.  

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